Sunday, March 27, 2011

Local Race Report: SIU Run/Walk from the Law

This new race, sponsored by the SIU School of Law and run very well by law student volunteers and organizers, was a jaunt around the SIUC campus, starting and ending at the Law School Building. The day was blustery and a bit chilly (especially for the end of March in southern Illinois), but the 77 runners and 14 walkers had a great time on the clearly marked and flat course.

Pre-race, two huge speakers pumped pop tunes into the air, so you could warm up to the strains of Lady Gaga and Rhianna. After the race, bagels, cookies, bananas, energy bars, apples, water and gatorade were available to the runners and walkers. Law students were eligible post-race for special raffles for free Kaplan Bar Courses (huge values for those poor law students!) The race itself raised almost $2500 for Equality Works, a social justice legal organization that provides legal assistance to those who can't afford lawyers. Who says lawyers don't have heart(s)? The thoughtful organization of this race proves otherwise.


Overall Run Results
Age Group Run Results

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