Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Beauty of a Ten-Mile Race

Later this month (November 30th), I'll run the Great River Road Run, a ten-mile race held year in the Mississippi River town of Alton, IL (more info on the race at http://www.altonroadrunners.com).

Ten miles is one of my favorite lengths for a race.  It's longer than the 6.2 miles of a 10K, but less stressful to think about than a half-marathon.  It still takes preparation, endurance, and proper training, but if you run it well, you're not anywhere near as tired as when you run a half.

Are there many ten-mile races out there?  I thought ten-milers were a rarity when I last ran the Great River Run, but a quick internet search proved me wrong.  Here's a list of ten mile races that I hope to try one day:

Annapolis Ten-Mile Race, Annapolis, MD

Virginia Ten-Miler, Lynchburg, VA

Surf-n-Santa Ten Miler, Virginia Beach, VA

Charlottesville Ten-Miler, Charlottesville, VA

Medtronic TC 10-Miler, Minneapolis, MN

Soldier Field 10-Miler, Chicago, IL

Austin 10/20 (Ten Miles, Twenty Bands), Austin, TX

Here are some training plans for ten-mile races:

I look forward to running some ten-mile races during spring some day. Ten miles feels awfully cold in late November. As much as I've liked doing the Great River Road Run, I look forward to some sunny races at the ten-mile distance.

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