Friday, February 14, 2014

Determination Playlist Number #1

Sometimes, on a run or on a ride (stationary, of course), a girl like me can use a little "determination music."

I am posting today the first of several personal playlists that get me moving and keep me going. My musical taste spans all genres.

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Determination Playlist #1:

Ain't Going Down--Eric Clapton
Better Version of Me--Fiona Apple
Can't Hold Us: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
Last Splash--the Breeders
Comeback Kid--Sleigh Bells
Everybody Got Their Something: Nikka Costa
Extraordinary--Liz Phair
Go With the Flow--Queens of the Stone Age
I'm the Baddest Bitch (In the Room)--Norma Jean Bell
I'm the Man--Joe Jackson
New Shoes--Paolo Nutini
One Small Day--Ultravox
Sat in Your Lap--Kate Bush
Second Chance--Peter, Bjorn and John
Something Good Can Happen--Two Door Cinema Club
The Man--Aloe Blacc
The World Should Revolve Around Me--Little Jackie
We Close Our Eyes--Go West
Whatever Gets You Through the Night--John Lennon

The music here ranges from classic rock to 80s new wave to "alternative" to house to soul. These are songs that make me happy and make me work.

What's your determination playlist look like? Maybe yours is absolute silence!

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  1. When I ran in Montreal, I had a determination playlist that included Hell's Bells by AC/DC (for hills, you see), as well as a great deal by Timbaland and other hip hop artists whose music was part of my dance choreographies. Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz was an awesome way to hit the double-digit kilometres, and Missy Elliot was also a big favourite. But when I came to the states again, so many of the races I entered forbade earbuds that I had to learn how to run without music. My music failed me halfway through the Montreal Marathon, so I'd already run the last half of a big race without it, and discovered that I like hearing cheers and hollers and ocean and trees and turkeys. Yes, turkeys. (In NH, not in Montreal, though turkeys of the human kind were in abundance at the end of that race...) All that to say, oh yeah, there are songs that get me fired up, but now when I run, I need to hear my feet to know where I am.