Monday, September 30, 2013

Goals for My Running Life: 2013-2014

October may seem an odd time to post goals for anything, but I've been quite neglectful of my running blog, though I've been doing plenty of running. I keep a written log of all my running and workout experiences, so this list below comes from that journal.

Goals for 2013-2014:

1) maintain weight at 135 or below.
I've lost a lot of weight as a runner, and feel best when I am around this weight or a little lower. It can be hard to maintain, what with all the temptations out there. If I get below 130, I feel a bit fragile. It's a balancing act, so I try not to freak out if I get above 135.

2) complete all entered races with no injuries and a spirit of fun and determination.
I needed a bit of attitude adjustment when it came to races. I was concentrating too much on finish times and feeling disappointed that I wasn't fast enough. I am not a fast runner, but I am a determined one.  So my main goal from here out for any race I do is to complete it without injury. I also want to enjoy the race day atmosphere (for me, that means enjoying the local spirit, wearing cute runner clothes (not a mud-run person), and having some fun as I trot along).  I will still work hard to get to the starting line, but the reward is getting to the starting line--that my hard work got me there with enough preparation and confidence to relax and enjoy the race-day atmosphere.

3) to cross-train frequently.
I've conquered my fear of the elliptical (I used to dislike the feeling of hanging in the air, now I enjoy the lack of pounding the elliptical affords me).  I have logged a lot bike miles and rowing workouts. But I still can't swim, which is something I may or may not rectify.  I try to strength-train the sneaky way: find a dumbbell, pick it up, do arm curls during commercials while watching TV.

4) to read, write, meditate, relax and use running and exercise as a tool for personal growth.
I want to unite my cerebral world of poetry (I'm a poet and creative writing professor) with the physical world of movement and activity. A lot of writers are sedentary, and a lot of us have childhood memories of being the last picked for team sports, etc.  Running, I've found, is a lot like writing--it's lonely, it takes determination, and it takes a long time to see results.  But the results can be glorious.

5) to love my body as is.
A lot of people assume that once you lose weight, you love your body. All is rainbows and lollipops. You never have any body-image issues again. HA!  Runners may have more body-image issues than anybody else!  One pound gained or lost can make a huge difference in speed/endurance. I lost weight, became a runner, did lots of races, improved my health (off all the blood pressure meds) and still I feel, at times, uncomfortable in my own skin. But that's okay, and it tends to pass pretty quickly these days if I just let it pass. Once I get my running gear on, I cease to care what my body looks like, and I focus on what it can accomplish.

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